25. March 2013 · Comments Off on Movements, yoga. · Categories: Daily, Poetry

A heat.
Stretch, breath.
Drop, exhale.
Downward, extensions.
A hundred times over.
Yoga position at there best.
Done in movements of the breadth.
Exalted limbs.
Rekindling embers in myself.

06. March 2013 · Comments Off on A hunt · Categories: Poetry, Thought

Faithful pulse rhythmically pumping.
A curse of movement in the wild.
Lush full coat, steady gaze.
Breath of teeth to maine you.

My companion, apart of a life.
A pack. The animal heeds all.
Hallow are not the eyes, intentions brimming.
Limbs lash fully knowing the spoils, and dredges.

A scratching at the present surface.
Moon lights the occasion, rest now.

28. February 2013 · Comments Off on Willow tree · Categories: Poetry

There is a vitality about you, an uncertain, almost magnetic draw.

However, brief an encounter. I hold the memory encapsulated, wishing to call on,
and keep only the energetic parts of you.

As free as a willow tree, willfully moving her branches about enshrouding the ground below,
you can’t help but gaze up.

Golden was the sun, deep was the night, and anything was possible.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on Strive · Categories: Poetry

We each have a preconceived luxury of another.

With our initial needs, and eventual wants or desires.

We strive to exist.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on Biochemical reaction · Categories: Poetry

What is a constant?

My blood’s blue inside, and red when it hits the ground. Functioning on organic food substance. Only oxygen knows my true roots. You’ll need X-ray vision to see how strong I am. I decay daily.

This flesh is a deception. No one image will hold my shade. Or know my history. Black, white, and color it’s all the same.

Matter, and mass will push and pull us.

Habits shape us, big lush waves cover us, where a dream is molded. Preparation, and logic give way to acceptence, and accomplishment.

Loose string will fray us. The depraved, and malnourished will betray us. Heart flutter, mind clutter, big stutter can stray us.

You can know my existence by the shadows I cast. The life forces I nurture. The light I follow.

I thrive with intention. I’m a biochemical reaction.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on I, Them, We. · Categories: Poetry

Within our human experience
there is loss,

When we draw creatively from that pool, reflect, and express ourselves
there is a renewal.

Aware or unaware of this process.
We are healing ourselves, and the edges of our world.

Unfolding, enduring, reaching, and learning.