06. March 2013 · Comments Off on A hunt · Categories: Poetry, Thought

Faithful pulse rhythmically pumping.
A curse of movement in the wild.
Lush full coat, steady gaze.
Breath of teeth to maine you.

My companion, apart of a life.
A pack. The animal heeds all.
Hallow are not the eyes, intentions brimming.
Limbs lash fully knowing the spoils, and dredges.

A scratching at the present surface.
Moon lights the occasion, rest now.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on A better telling · Categories: Thought

Rub you’re hands together.
Know the only person you have to be better than, is who you were yesterday.
Everyone has a story, you are valuable in our telling.
I can speak my part, all the curiosities as to why I still exist, but experience is relative.
I know it wasn’t luck, likely mindset has brought me this far.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on Daily passes · Categories: Thought

The sun rises every morning,
I hear the patters of children’s feet,
this is my life.

The world is uncertain, yes.
Experience tell’s me, so. Yet the sound of my house tell’s me to believe, anyway.

How do we teach positive coping, and self esteem?
Daily, by our action, and reaction. Somehow, conveying compassion, and tolerance for our humanity.

The dark night, passes daily.

17. February 2013 · Comments Off on Coexist · Categories: Thought

Internally, or externally love and fear cannot coexist.

When you observe the way you live, how does fear or love weaves into daily speak?
Or action?
How may each of these enhance,
or limit you’re life?

For me in the belief, and the release of the moment, I am content.