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A heat.
Stretch, breath.
Drop, exhale.
Downward, extensions.
A hundred times over.
Yoga position at there best.
Done in movements of the breadth.
Exalted limbs.
Rekindling embers in myself.

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There’s an experience about preparing my stepdad Steve’s “authentic taco” recipe.
As I listen to the simmering. This invites me to feel better. Perhaps, it’s the smell of spices, or the memory of “the making”.
A release that comes flowing from dicing onions, and potatoes. A due diligence to proper heat, and seriousness surrounding it, everything, slow cooking. The laughter, or my mom reminiscing about an ingredients ability, “to make romance”.
Cast iron and corn tortillas. Fresh peppers, tomatoes, the rush of having hot food platted, and devoured. Aroma, joy, compassion woven in, and around my table.

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I awoke to the melodic chirping of bird song. Brewed warm, steaming tea.
Snow flakes fell throughout thursday night. Continued on to the morning of Friday. Moments of slow moving fluffy, twirling dancing snow. A good reason to bake, try cookies, or cake, and run about the house.

This morning is filled with admiration of the heavily decorated old Pines. Ash trees profiled white, enhanced depths of the bark embedded with snow.

Each window holding a new view of a natural landscape, art of the season.